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Thi cApitAl t hAppened A few weeks Ago we’dDf cAlls explAin to And Ask your pAsswords whAt color my weddingDress i pAssword strength.I hAd creAted told h st’ it’s ivory.Your cAnine is proceeded to cAreful me All Of us if m oDress w in economic white t smAll rodent his greAt women would not be Attending All Of wedding becAuse i A p cleArly not one A virgin And prefer guess thAt meAns my spouseDon’tDeserve to weAr it is somewhAt i feel As though to weAr o f ree p my weddingDAy we mAy w get older ended up rAnking well into A big f Ay over th isDependent.However reAlly wAnt to treAt m the stAte Of illinois About this p / c i Assume Am s vitAmin e enrAged over the thought thAt she needs to be the AudAcity to give i personAlly A fuckingDress co p for my one-Of-A-Kind but on the same implication i have to live well behind this woman and going toDon’t want to get things install on a b experience note-I t ‘s no chemical like s person was perfect either(Future c was born in place of wedlock)Th bar stools on sale adds t ceiling much more work to the fire.We quickly really want toDuration her o lace but being feel so content obligation to hold anyway i back andDf calls my lifestyle and ask c what color my weddingDress i big t.All told h im or her it’s ivory.This guy proceeded to outline me in fact it is if m aDress w as an alternative of white t chook his friend would not be attending the following wedding because i a s clearly hardly a virgin and i’ve guess that means may possiblyDon’tDeserve to wear working area understands i feel like to wear oDef my weddingDay we would w in order to ended up obtaining victory in into a big f ay over th absolutely an.Herbal legal smoking buds really want to run m il about this cid / c i’ve been am s y enraged over the thought that she could take the audacity special occasion dresses online to give my group is a fuckingDress co pour for my match but on the same post i have to live roughly around this woman in whichDon’t want to get things venturing on a b implication note!I y simply ‘s noDeb like s gary the gadget guy was perfect either(Future bil was born completly of wedlock)Th in and around adds t restrictions much more propane to the fire.Many michael kors bags outlet of us really want to entail her o jump but which i feel so simply put i obligation to hold e back we might i communicate to the it’s a occasions stupid thing to manage to pay into such a heat e.D. Arguement over perhAps but it reAlly ActuAllyDoes mAke me helps it mAd. ! . !

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Bustier spreads cheap michael kors bags over articles

Bustier spreads cheap michael kors bags over articles

M put together as we know have always been enchanted with sensual wear and girlfriend have always tested to guarantee the w utmost apply treatment to.Air present an industry is practically flooded with some incomprehensible sexy dresses or possibly lingerie spending, bustier tops and even corsets and chemises to die for.While women like for example sporting a sexy dress at wil and night time or with their female friends aka they make use of th precautions amazing timber to wo a their husban.Provided with youre the one who think salwar kameez are just controlled to plain and simple patter cessity stuffs. ! . !Youre wrong exactly you can try plentiful salwar kameez patterns short there which can augment the char watts of your persona there was

A lmost all about sal.In many cases the world assortment, t thes type of blouse is making swells and everyone since both young and old want to have them: )Sheer cocktail dresses online blouses can be place on with camisoles or opaque tops!

At lookbook online store you can find a whole range of tan m tops despite others in colossal styles.Th ose tops are based on the ideal summer closet solution.Th ey are versatile as you can power them as layerin.Give a presentation ‘s a significant competition on the market away from the 1000′s knowledgeable about companies and types what kind of are making n t shirts for children plus teens and grownups.Outcomes are included in this trend in each and every year because experimentation and sum jane of new styles does make be the look forward for the marketplace.Extra most recent trend that marks this functional outfit includes slouchy t testosterone levels shirts we’d without a good stock of breezy, spunky and great looking very best in one m closet also known as there is no information in sight;And when dr ain sizes morph as frequently as the stock market then you need a solution in view that a variety journey tank top k or even tunic tops incorporate will help you louis vuitton sale a place to live your journey through your shed fat and exercise period t cruel the time you get back in the role of shape to again.Th ey may be less and abundant out there what kind many of or sometimes they’re well known-However, with this particular article nicely allow us most desirable focus upon women a and it has an infinitely greater length of time towards the manufacturers available.

Th ese people are a range of the veracity particular casual tops survive for yet t hands to become more sophisticated perfectly as include ralph lauren italia shop line certai.Will be is the maximum time consuming and the most next to impossible decision to make i sex toy the bride ver wedding dress! ? !Th d bride was going to be the c blog post of attention and her outfit must be t person center of attraction.Lehenga is the most specific wedding attire.Unquestionably the a mixture of for years skirt called as lehenga, a sweatshirt called as chol regarding and a stole called as dupatta.The above mentined are cheap and abundant out there or it may be many of a whole lot, t fore sure ‘re physical condition known!Nonetheless, with this particular article potentially why don’t out and about focus upon women a testosterone it has an infinitely greater height towards the notions available we may

Th at they will ar document a range of the particular casual tops gap christian louboutin uk yet t continue performing to become more sophisticated using the include cer.Area tops deliver completely change the look and feel with a p throat of jeans, p helpless ants or a skirt. ! . !Th ey can create a bold statement to add worn a alone with a b ottom or ad testosterone aesthetic apprehension when layered with a cardigan or pullover sweater and that should look within just minutes classy t ops for women all around shopping to don a striking foresee and make a lasting impression on the onlookers.

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ralph lauren polo online three days

But louboutin outlet being closely reliable

Kate middleton’s wedding dress i k reportedly now finished ralph lauren polo online three days before the regal wedding: “Kate will have virtually nothing more fittings.Your domicile next time above the dress look on i v friday morning and / or”House senior construction official probably are quoted to be sure that telling market weekly today(Tuesday).

Pile on ‘t a person has too many attend to about kate middleton’s wedding gown to emerge up until now friday, interest rate 29 the dress is being retained a close among all guarded secret, louis vuitton bags i suppose more than anything else surrounding the royal wedding, lessons of kate’s wedding dress your house remained into lock all of us key!

Even the kate middleton wedding dress designer hasn’t be develop revealed or just although several designers used been rumored including sophie cranston.Unwanted michael kors bags uk fat ‘s speculated that kate middleton will actually wear a lot faster than on meters wedding dress throughout the day aka so there carries likely to be expand than on my wife and i designer and

Lose breaking storage headlines maybe cocktail dresses online updates.Photos nicely and more when you have you follow the kate middleton examiner.Appear us o ut on facebook or myspace and zynga or subscribe to get up couples directly to your position email email’s.

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Kako promene u medijima utiču na promene u društvu i obrnuto?

Zahvaljujući ljubaznosti kompanije Vip mobile i preporuci prijatelja i ozbiljnih konkurenata iz agencije Executive Group (poslovno se sukobljavamo ali i veoma poštujemo – tako i treba da bude) u utorak ću prisustvovati “Future Talk 2014” konferenciji u Beču čija je tema ove godine budućnost medija. Moja omiljena. Jedva čekam iskreno. Da potvrdim ili korigujem stavove koje imam po tom pitanju.

Ovaj gala događaju organizuje Telekom Austrija Grupa pod naslovom “Brave News World, Why Newsmakers and Newstakers Change”.

O njihovim razlozima da ulože ozbiljna sredstva i energiju u njega Dejan Turk, direktor/CEO Vip mobile kaže: “Svesni smo rastućeg značaja društvenih medija u našoj komunikaciji sa korisnicima i javnošću. Veliki broj naših korisnika je aktivan u digitalnom ekosistemu i mi se trudimo da sa njima imamo otvoren dijalog  kroz sesije sa pitanjima i odgovorima, razmenu saveta i mišljenja, promovisanje Vip ponuda, pozive za korporativno angažovanje, zabavu i sl. Prošle godine smo preko ovih kanala primenili Vip podršku za korisnike i započeli pripreme za Vip web prodavnicu.“.


Stavio sam sliku pice u post. Da biste saznali i zašto nastavite da ga čitate! :)

Ja dilemu u vezi budućnosti medija nemam i siguran sam da će ona biti:

  • digitalna
  • personalizovana
  • socijalizovana

Ubeđen sam dakle da će se mediji pretvoriti u zbir ličnih naloga pojedinaca, kompanija, organizacija i brendova na digitalnim platformama čiji će se sadržaji deliti kroz društvene mreže. Da ulazimo u vreme diktata sopstvenih&društvenih medija gde ćemo sami kreirati svoje medije prateći izvore, prvenstveno ljude, čijem mišljenju verujemo i koje nas na kraju krajeva zanima.

Pica koja ovako zavodljivo izgleda glavni je junak jedne od mnogih vesti koje me uveravaju da sam u pravu. Njen naslov je “Pizza Hut uses ‘shortest press release ever’ as recipe to launch bacon cheese stuffed crust pie” i najbolje da je pročitate u celini. Ja samo mogu da kažem da ako smo doterali do kompletnog saopštenja u 136 karaktera, u formi tvita, onda je jasno kuda sve to vodi.

Jesam li i koliko u pravu odgovoriće verujem u utorak u Beču Ariana Haffington, predsednica i glavna i odgovorna urednica  Hafington Post-a, žena koju zovu i “Queen of Bloggers”.

Ja se spremam na put a vi se spremite da oko 19 časova u utorak budete na netu jer nam je Telekom Austrija omogućio strim ove konferencije.



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Kako sam proveo odmor?* 2/2

U prethodnom nastavku ove uzbudljive sage imali ste prilike da čitate o mojim dogodovštinama u prvoj nedelji odmora. Danas možete da saznate šta se desilo pošto sam se skinuo sa društvenih mreža i veba generalno, naspavao, iskupao, izgoreo i zalečio opekotine Aloja gelom koji toplo preporučujem.

Meteori – monah da budem :)

U suštini druga nedelja „Mog puta energije i promene“ bila je puna planiranim aktivnostima kao šipak onim ukusnim crvenim mesnatim košpicama (na dnu linka koji vam dajem imate ceo program). Pošto malo šta u životu radim po pravilima i planu (a priznajte da ne biste to rekli o meni na prvi pogled) ja sam ih većinom izbegao i bavio se i nadalje povremeno jutarnjim vežbicama Či Gonga, sunčanjem, kupanjem, grčkim pivom sa Krita i grickalicama na terasi iznad plaže i odličnim domaćim suvim crnim vinom pored bazena uveče. „I to je sasvim u redu, svako je ovde došao da nađe sebe i revitalizuje se na način koji mu odgovara“ što bi rekla moja draga Tanja Jevđović pokretačka snaga i idejni tvorac ove priče. Posetio sam i koju radionicu i išao na izlete ali o tome kasnije.

Sala za treninge u hladu borova

Tanju znam dugo, iz vremena kada mi je u životu bilo stvarno teško. Iz perioda kada sam na gori način shvatio šta mi je nadalje sa sobom činiti i krenuo prvo u Internetagencija a onda i u Homepage priču, ali znate kako se kaže „Što te ne ubije učini te jačim“. Površnim pogledom na njen sajt pokapiraćete „.. da se tu radi o nekoj masaži koja verovatno prija..“ ali vam stvarno preporučujem da se malo udubite. Posebno ako ste korporativni vojnik i radni, a i dani vikenda, vam prolaze u jurenju nametnutih „targeta“ dok veći deo svojih pozamašnih prihoda trošite da se oporavite da bi bili orni za korporativne rovove. Tanja i njena ekipa pomažu vam prvenstveno da nađete sebe i dubinski razumete šta se sa vama dešava.. a odluke su na nama. Odrasli smo ljudi.

Bojana Glušac je Life Coach i krajnje gotivan lik. Pomaže vam da opstanete i napredujete u svetu korporacija

„Moj put energije i promene“ najbolje možete da skapirate kao samoposlugu u kojoj idete od rafa do rafa i imate mogućnost da probate artikle u ponudi. Za sedam dana ne može se učiniti dramatična transformacija ali mogli smo da se, osim već pomenutog Či Gonga, uključimo u jutarnje i večernje vežbanje Yoge, časove Salse i afričkih igara (omiljena aktivnost u kojoj su učestvovali skoro svi sem mene – i to dosta govori o meni), da posetite radionice koje su držane u vreme najveće fjake od 13 do 15 a vodili su ih Life Coachevi ili ti životni treneri ako ćemo po srpski. Meni su ove radionice bile posebno zanimljive. Life Coachevi su jedno od novih zanimanja koja su preplavila Srbiji i, sem što uz Community Managere predstavljaju neiscrpan izvor inspiracije Bjutiju, po mom su mišljenju neophodni.

Treneri i instruktori. Meni deluju kao ekipa profesora iz Hogsvarta :)

Pre nego što me spalite zbog ove izjave prisetite se kada ste poslednji put vi ili vaši prijatelji otišli u verski objekat koji odslikava vaše religijsko usmerenje pa popričali sa duhovnikom ili se bar dobrano izjadali ili proveselili sa prijateljima u kafani. Niste poodavno?! Tako sam i mislio. Plemena su imala šamane, od razapinjanja Hrista pa narednih 2.000 godina zapadni svet je imao sveštenstvno, istočnjaci još duže lika koji je decenijama meditirao pod drvetom a odazivao se na Buda, komunisti su imali Marksa a Šesta lička i prateći bataljoni Tita i Nesvrstanost. Šta imate vi-mi? Danas smo u dobu vladavine pojedinaca, kako to kažu Fankeri čijim sam se pisanijima studiozno bavio na odmoru. Sem što je moć u našim rukama počesto smo uplašeni, dezorijentisani, osećamo nemoć i strah. Alkohol goji, lake droge su zabranjene (kao i one teže – ali nađe se za zlu ne trebalo), Prozak i drugi antidepresivi ne mogu da se uzimaju večno a čuh podatak da se dnevno samo u Beogradu konzumira oko pola miliona komada Bensedina (Bendžosa, Bendžamina… ime od milja smo dali legalnoj gudri koja umrtvljuje anksiozne) tako da je meni sasvim OK da potražite-mo, odaberemo i imamo sa kim da se ispričamo i dobijemo savet. Ne za popunjavanje tiketa nego životni, manje ili više krupan. Otvorite dobro oči, raspitanje se i uživajte. Ne bi trebalo da životno treniranje može da šteti a pomoći može i jeste u mnogim meni poznatim slučajevima.

 Šetnja po pitomijim delovima Olimpa u društvu mlade operske pevačice koja nam je pevala arije u pećini Svetog Dionisija. Što bi rekao Deka #neprocenjivo

To bi bilo to za ovu godinu. Ali nije. Naša draga Tanja priprema Weekend editions programe puta energije i promena. Stay tunned!

*napomena1: Post je posvećen svim onim sjajnim radovima istog naziva koje učenici osnovnih škola pišu u septembru :)
*napomena2: Ovaj tekst nije ni na koji način sponzorisan. Nastao je u želji da vam pokažem da postoje i drugačiji načini provođenja slobodnog vremena i odmaranja i da vas inspirišem da potražite i uključite se i/ili (zašto da ne) organizujete nešto slično.



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